PO-EM is the design studio of artist Carla Venticinque-Osborn. The studio focuses on making handmade textiles, wares and art objects.

Collections take inspiration from stories, poems, the hand's work, the animal gaze, storytelling through pattern, utility, folk, and merging old things with new things. Every piece is intent on being genuine, and serves as an ode to the handmade. 

TEXTILES & PROCESS: Far from commonplace, PO-EM textiles are heirloom homespun/handwoven, and use natural dyes for color. Traditional and ancient methods of artisan design are explored such as block printing, weaving and resist-dying. Textile works are proudly made in partnership with established fair trade artisan cooperatives in India and Guatemala.

MISSION: PO-EM's mission is to make/produce/design handmade goods that are produced via socially and environmentally positive channels of production (natural non-toxic dyes and materials, fair pay, job creation). The world needs more good, it needs to slow down - this is a designer's attempt to insert thoughtful pauses amongst a fast-paced world via artfully sustainable wares.

- Carla V. Osborn