Join me Saturday May 25th in Philadelphia for a pop-up sale at Vagabond! I’ll be bringing lots of samples and seconds (yay discounts) and new arrivals (yay to try on in person!). Hoping to see some of you there :)

VAGABOND, 37 N 3rd St, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Saturday May 25th

PO-EM Handmade Textiles

New edition out for Of a Kind!

Are you looking for a handmade top that features soft and cozy homespun handwoven cotton, paired with whimsical patterns that will be both useful and plain ol’ fun to wear? Look no further than the latest PO-EM top made for Of a Kind exclusively.

The print pairs my ongoing spotted block print (think swiss dots-a-la-painted) with Sicilian Palm trees painted by me and translated to a block printed pattern.

To the outsider I seem like I might have some weird obsession with Sicily, and now that I write that out, I do have an obsession, but it’s not that weird! My father was born there and my paternal ancestry is from that island for who knows how many hundreds of generations. As a result of WW2 and poverty, my father and his family emigrated to Argentina and eventually as an adult he made his way to NYC where he met my mom and had me!

My exploration of the island’s landscape, art and history in my creative practice connects me deeply to my father and my recent ancestry. And this connection means the world to me because my father passed away 13 years ago (wow has it been 13 years already?) and he was wonderful and I miss him. One hour from a volcano named Mt. Etna is where my father was laid to rest. He did this on purpose so that I would have reason to return to this mystical island again and again.

So that being said, here are some pics of the collection! Bottom image is a “click” gallery to see more images.



Behind the Scenes

I recently moved into a new cozy studio in Brooklyn and am happy to offer shopping by appointment - just send me an email to schedule!

Occasionally I get emails asking about who I am - what’s my bio etc, or some assume I am a larger company than I really am. The truth is I am a one-woman operation. From the website, copy, listing items, customer service, packing up web orders, managing production and sales - and then creating and designing (of which I always need more time for)- it’s all me at the moment. I try to handle it all, and I hope to continue to keep my overhead independent and low. I have managed employees in the past, and years ago founded an artisan shoe factory overseas of 30+ workers (a huge learning experience full of accomplishments and failures). I know my comfort zone for the moment is working by myself and keeping my overhead and stress as low as I can while also running a studio and business (and a family). I do have some extra muscle, my husband, who spends some hours each week helping me sort inventory, bring boxes up stairs, steam clothes and provide feedback and when needed, encouragement. My workspace is a constant mess of papers, boxes, tags and artwork. But I cleaned it up yesterday and took a few snaps for the curious! Sorry for the orange juice (I am currently pregnant with my #2 and it’s more delicious than usual)

Museo Del Oro

Exploring concepts for new prints, and I keep thinking about Colombian gold. Specifically pre-Hispanic gold - which with my Colombian lineage also has great appeal as I explore personal cultural and aesthetics roots in my designs. Then I remembered that I did visit a gold museum in Colombia when I was little and found a picture! We all look a bit done for the day! Anyway - excited to pull some ideas from this...

Gold Museum, Bogotá, Colombia -  me, my dad and my cousin Andres. 1980's. 

Gold Museum, Bogotá, Colombia -  me, my dad and my cousin Andres. 1980's. 

Bird-shaped breastplate from Colombia's Nariño Region. Hammered into its current shape, it dates back to the Late Nariño Period, 600 A.D.–1700 A.D

Bird-shaped breastplate from Colombia's Nariño Region. Hammered into its current shape, it dates back to the Late Nariño Period, 600 A.D.–1700 A.D


Seconds and samples sale this Friday & Saturday in Brooklyn at iLD studio alongside a lovely roster of other makers. This event is CATERED and the food is AMAZING I can't wait! Hope to see you there :)

I will have steeply discounted pieces from past seasons and a few off-colored/unevenly dyed current season pieces. 

Credit cards accepted!

HOLIDAT MARKET_rectangle flyers.jpg

Behind the scenes process

A little "process" post of a new block print coming out next spring....I was still looking at ancient Sicilian mosaics for inspiration and came across a mosaic from Cyprus circa late 2nd/early 3rd Century AD from the sanctuary of the Paphos Aphrodite site. The scene is a depiction of the story of Leda and the Swan, from ancient Greek mythology. If you don't know the story you can find more info here. This block is paired with a Sicilian palm tree so the pattern alternates. Fun times with history! 

painting - wood carved block - print on heirloom cotton

painting - wood carved block - print on heirloom cotton