Doing a tradeshow

I imagine that trade shows have come a long way since the beginning. Does anyone know when the first trade show was? I write this post as I sit at Capsule NYC Women's SS15 market. It's been pretty fun to be here and share the works that I have made, and also talk about my concept ideas for the future of the studio line. It's also always so great to get out of the studio, get off social media, and suddenly be surrounded by actual people and to interchange tidbits, stories, struggles and triumphs. 

Here is a photo of my clothing rack! The forecast says rain, so everyone is saying "We hope this doesn't put a damper on things today" - Let's hope not - come on over buyers! If I am writing a blog post it's because I am not busy enough in my booth.  


100% Natural Dye / Handspun / Handwoven Garments.