Printing deer

To initiate my textile collection, I had my block prints made in time, but there was not enough time to actually print them on fabric before the rains came in. The blocks are mainly images of deer doing what they do: frolic, be meek, and be pretty. This past summer I had the pleasure of renting a cabin in the mountains about an hour outside of the city (NYC) with my family, and I saw so many deer. It's always that same moment though, you stop suddenly, hold out your arms, and say in a hushed tone "Look at the deer!"  If you were lucky, you got a good look before they ran away. 

Up next...I want to walk up on wild horses (I know super girly move, but they are so cool!) Does anyone know where that happens? Suggestions welcome. 

A quick sketch of some type of deer that hears really really well. Marker on paper.