The ultimate luxury

I have been thinking a lot today about why I love textiles so much, specifically the textiles I am making for this studio line. Since I was a little girl, my hands have always been an obsession for me. I saw a miracle in them, and often thought of the hands of all women who came before me in my family line. I thought about how they may have worked the earth, how they tended to others, how they made things, and how they loved. In old photographs of my great-grandmother and grandmother in Sicily, I look at their hands most. I am speaking loosely here, but when I break down the ideas behind hand-worked textiles, it feels luxurious to me. More luxurious than what corporate fashion brands would sell me to believe what luxury is. I do feel that to be human, is to be very closely linked to the tidings of the natural world. Falling out of synch is no good. I am most days out of synch. These textiles are helping me ground onto earth. They are slow, natural, and meant to age with me. They get better with use, they feel loved in, not old. I want to be more like that.