Behind the Scenes

I recently moved into a new cozy studio in Brooklyn and am happy to offer shopping by appointment - just send me an email to schedule!

Occasionally I get emails asking about who I am - what’s my bio etc, or some assume I am a larger company than I really am. The truth is I am a one-woman operation. From the website, copy, listing items, customer service, packing up web orders, managing production and sales - and then creating and designing (of which I always need more time for)- it’s all me at the moment. I try to handle it all, and I hope to continue to keep my overhead independent and low. I have managed employees in the past, and years ago founded an artisan shoe factory overseas of 30+ workers (a huge learning experience full of accomplishments and failures). I know my comfort zone for the moment is working by myself and keeping my overhead and stress as low as I can while also running a studio and business (and a family). I do have some extra muscle, my husband, who spends some hours each week helping me sort inventory, bring boxes up stairs, steam clothes and provide feedback and when needed, encouragement. My workspace is a constant mess of papers, boxes, tags and artwork. But I cleaned it up yesterday and took a few snaps for the curious! Sorry for the orange juice (I am currently pregnant with my #2 and it’s more delicious than usual)