Behind the scenes process

A little "process" post of a new block print coming out next spring....I was still looking at ancient Sicilian mosaics for inspiration and came across a mosaic from Cyprus circa late 2nd/early 3rd Century AD from the sanctuary of the Paphos Aphrodite site. The scene is a depiction of the story of Leda and the Swan, from ancient Greek mythology. If you don't know the story you can find more info here. This block is paired with a Sicilian palm tree so the pattern alternates. Fun times with history! 

painting - wood carved block - print on heirloom cotton

painting - wood carved block - print on heirloom cotton

The Daily Post

I haven't heard of the Daily Post until this morning. I was reading The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum and he referenced that reading the daily post was a daily practice for him. Anyway, I went on over to the Daily Word site and this was the post for today, which I thought I would share on this blog since it happened to be work-related, and felt very relevant for today:

Sacred Work

Artisans turn raw material into art. Bakers transform flour into bread. Retail clerks use their communication skills to fill other people’s needs. When we use our gifts to bless and serve others, we are doing holy work.

I honor the sacred work that is mine to do by communing with Spirit before starting my daily routine. I ask God for guidance prior to facing the tasks ahead.

As I use my talents, I benefit in many ways, including connecting with others and the satisfaction of giving. I am the eyes, ears, hands, and heart of God expressing to the world. I honor my abilities and use them to do sacred work. At the end of the day, I say thank you for all the blessings, challenges, and learning experiences.

The ultimate luxury

I have been thinking a lot today about why I love textiles so much, specifically the textiles I am making for this studio line. Since I was a little girl, my hands have always been an obsession for me. I saw a miracle in them, and often thought of the hands of all women who came before me in my family line. I thought about how they may have worked the earth, how they tended to others, how they made things, and how they loved. In old photographs of my great-grandmother and grandmother in Sicily, I look at their hands most. I am speaking loosely here, but when I break down the ideas behind hand-worked textiles, it feels luxurious to me. More luxurious than what corporate fashion brands would sell me to believe what luxury is. I do feel that to be human, is to be very closely linked to the tidings of the natural world. Falling out of synch is no good. I am most days out of synch. These textiles are helping me ground onto earth. They are slow, natural, and meant to age with me. They get better with use, they feel loved in, not old. I want to be more like that. 

This moment

was a friend graciously modeling the clothes for me, and taking a moment to tell me a great story. it was one of my favorite photos I took of the day. 


Tank top in homespun handwoven indigo dyed cotton - mud resist print SS16

Au Naturale

In these textiles, I was searching for a place not of simplicity, but of mindful craft, technique and lore. This seemingly simple tank is made from organic cotton, homespun and handwoven. An ode to the artisan, to stillness running deep, and to the natural. 

Homespun, handwoven natural cotton tank. No dye. 

Homespun, handwoven natural cotton tank. No dye. 

Homespun, handwoven natural cotton tank. No dye. 

Homespun, handwoven natural cotton tank. No dye.