The garments designed by the studio are intended to be useful pieces and to serve as an inspired ode to craft, to process and to the artisan. In a practical sense, the garments are easy-going and unfussy. In a greater sense the pieces are less about trends and more about handmade artful tactility. I hope each piece enters a committed relationship with the wearer, and the two shall see that they only get better with age ;) 

In additional to seasonal collections, small batches of styles are released often. Thanks & enjoy!


Each piece arrives to you washed and ready for wear.
Follow general “delicates” instructions as follows:

Machine wash gentle
- cold-
-machine dry low - 

or - hand wash/line dry.
Iron as needed on medium-high setting. 


Regular detergent is fine to use with all PO-EM Garments,
however it is highly advised do a spot test prior to wash to confirm the detergent won’t affect color.


Do not dry clean any PO-EM garment.


An important note for all Kashish dyed textiles:

Please avoid getting citrus juice and/or using citrus-enzyme based detergents for the kashish dyes (tan/grey/browns) as it can cause faded areas. Garments in this color-way come with an extra reminder about this. The extra care for this color-way is similar in mindset as to not getting red wine on white clothing, beet juice on anything, or bleach on darks.

Over time with washes and wear, the color settles in, evens out, and the textile softens considerably.