Chaqueta in Shelter Indigo

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Chaqueta in Shelter Indigo


A useful cardigan-jacket with pockets. A bit of a boxy kimono-style fit. Made with textural homespun, handwoven cotton. Dyed with indigo and print created with a mud-resist printing technique. This textile is on the thicker side, with lots of texture. Print designed based from Kuba textiles (Congo). This print was inspired also by the ideas of safe caves, places and shelter. 

A precious handwoven textile - it will continue to soften and gain character with wear. Textile is rustic and full of "character".

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PO-EM garments are an ode to the natural and the unfussy. No zippers, no buttons. The pieces are meant to be useful, a bit roomy, and easy on the body, yet completely and wonderfully tactile. 

Machine wash gentle separate or hand wash. Machine dry gentle-low (expect a little bit of shrinkage) or hang dry (no shrinkage).

Pit to pit - measured flat - 25"
Length (not included part of collar that would gather at neck) 25" from neckline to bottom. 

Pit to pit - measured flat - 26"
Length (not included part of collar that would gather at neck) 26" from neckline to bottom.