SS20 Wholesale Selections
Inspired by the fun, yet calming and restorative visuals of sea places and beach days…

Ode Dress in Mar

Ode Dress in SeaFoam

Tank Top and Lounger Pants in Splash

Everyday Top in Sandy Ochre

Ode Dress in Painted Coral

Tank Top in Splash

Day Dress in Camo

Maxi Dress

Ode Dress in Painted Coral

Ode Dress in Mar

Cardi in Ochre

Maxi Dress in SeaFoam

Maxi Dress in Seafoam

Cardi in Ochre

Lounger Pants in Patched Indigo

Roman Top in Foam

MaxiDress in SeaFoam

◇ Handwoven homespun natural fiber cotton ◇ Natural dyes ◇ Block printed by hand ◇
◇ Painted patterns, created in the PO-EM studio - then carved into wood for hand block printed textiles ◇
◇ Produced in collaboration with a fair trade artisan workshop in India ◇


Tank Top $35
Maxi Dress $55
Lounger Pants $55 ▫ indigo patched style $64
Cardi Jacket $55
Everyday Top $55
Maxi Dress $52
Roman Top $52
Day Dress $60 ▫ updated silhouette
Ode Wrap Dress $64
Shammy Dress $64